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I went to see an Eddie Murphy movie with a friend of mine with Eddie as the devil. This theatre had two sections, normal and extra fancy. We sat in extra fancy, where you got dinner with the movie.(Ed. Note:sounds awesome... i'd like that-T.M.) We shared a chicken pot pie-which is odd I'm thinking, because she's a vegitarian. After eating we do what most people do and move to the normal section so there are seats in extra fancy for any people who get there late. Eventually my friend starts talking to the lady next to uswho has brought her dog, only the dog isn't real, it's made of a rubber hose covered with chainmail. The lady starts tossing the dog onto movie seats, if it stays, the person who was sitting there last will die soon, if it falls off they will live their whole natural life. So my friend, lets call her Margo, asks her to toss the dog on herseat. The dog stays on her seat, which means she will die soon. Knowing her time is approaching Margo leaves the movie with the lady, but they leave the dogon the seat. I finnished watching the move by myself and then I woke up.


As an note: when I dream about people I know, the opposite usually aplies, so I hope Margo lives a long happy life.