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My mother and I were driving around in the woods. She was driving - it was her old volvo. She stopped the car for no real good reason and we got out. Behind a curtain of leaves was this huge pile of thousands of grapes in all sizes and colors. I looked up from th egrapes and found myself in New Hampshire at a lake near my grandparent's house. A rowboat landed and a strange looking man got out. He had a muscular body but his head was tiny, kind of like a guy with a shrunken head, only slightly pointed on top. His mouth was full of sharp needle-like teeth and he was weilding a kukri knife. As he attacked me I had no choice but to defend myself with my dagger. (I don't know where it came from) Eventually I managed to disarm the pinhead in such a way that his knife was lodged in his shoulder. A dark man in a black suit who had been watching the whole time took hold of the kukri's handle and with a quick flick of his wrist, cut off the pinhead's, well, pin head. I looked at the still standing body and noticed that the inside of the neck was ringed with small circular bones.

It looked kind of like this from the top.

That's it.