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Now that you have your preliminary base we can get on with the bird base, which leads to the crane and many other models.

Valley fold the outer edges in to the center line.

Just the top layer, mind you.

Turn the paper overand do the same thing on that side.

Fold the top point down over thetwo flaps you just folded in.
Unfold the two side flaps from under the top point.

Yes I know some of this seems repetitive repetitive.

You remember way back when you pulled the paper open to make the preliminary base? Well that was a pettal fold, which is where you open out a model and reverse the way some of the folds go. Here we need to pettal fold the bottom point. The valley folds should turn into mountian folds like here in the picture.

Turn the paper overand do the last three steps on that side.

Fold the two top points down on either side with valley folds.
And thats the bird base.

How exciting, you're almost there.

On to the crane.