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This was originally supposed to be only a short three or four day game but it gave rise to an entire campaign and world.

The Caverns Beyond Hadryah began in a small desert city, at the base of an enormous cliff whose top could not be seen. The city had been founded by five tribes that had wandered the desert for years and found an oasis. The tribes entered upon a contract to protect each other and the oasis, and lived in peace for hundreds of years.







Then the unthinkable happened; the water began to dry up. Panic swept through the city until four brave souls stepped forward to find the cause of the drought.

The first was Abdul of the Anaza, a devoted follower of Ramman, who vowed that he would find the fiend responsible for stealing his people's water. A very popular man in the city, known by the children as "Abdul abah", which roughly translated means "the one we climb on, or: jungle gym". The fact that he volunteered was not a suprise, and the people were sure he would keep his promise to return the water.

Second was Q'elhash Q'adar of the Quara, who vowed to find the fiend responsible for stealing his plants' water. The people of hadryah were glad to see him go, for it was a rare occasion such as this that he may have opportunity to bathe. Not only did Q'elhash smell terrible, he insisted on talking to people for extended periods at close range.

The third to step forward was Hosni of the Rashid, who vowed to find wealth and power by doing whatever he had to. Everyone in the city was sure that their possessions would be safe with him gone.

Lastly was Azim of the Humum, no one knows why he volunteered, save himself.

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