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This one I haven't had in a while, but it deserves mention none the less.

My room is above the kitchen and below the stairs is a closet that gets smaller and smaller the further you go.

In the dream I open the door and go in, closing it behind me. I notice that there is a little light down near the floor in the back, so start to crawl towards it. When I reach the point where the last step should block me, I find that I have come out in an everglade forest, with those neat trees with the arching roots. One of the trees in particular catches my attention beause it has a small arched door hidden in it's roots and windows in it's trunk. I decide to go in even though, for some reason, I know that monsters live here. The inside is much bigger than it should be with lots of doors and stairs, like that escher drawing. I proceed to explore but stay quiet to aviod the monsters. They find me anyway and chase me through the house untill I wake up.