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Haiku is an unrhymed Japanese poem having three lines consisting of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. But you probably knew that already. A haiku, though brief, contains carefully chosen words and can cover any topic.

Below are several haiku's of my own creation.

Most were written while out walking in the woods.


Cherry blossoms bloom.

The trees shade the flowing water,

Petals float downstream.


Tea kettle steaming.

Pouring hot, brew the green tea.

The heat grows inside.


A child runs scared,

Darkness chases him homeward.

Close the door to it.


The air is cold now.

The wind blows from up the hill,

Water colder still.


An insect's life is

Ended by the clap of hands.

Who will clap for me?


Sounds of the forest

Echo in the minds of men

Like forgotten songs.


An autumn breeze blows,

Many leaves fall to the ground.

We watch as they fall.


Water runs downhill,

There is strength in softness too.

The stones become smooth.


Music fills the air.

Birds sing from their tree-top homes,

The voice of nature.


Leaves fall through the air,

Landing on the still water.

The fish sees nothing.


The cool water flows.

Like thoughts in the mind it runs.

Stones in the river.


I've been so lonely,

I've been so lonely baby,

So lonely I cried.

-Haiku by Elvis '99

I become a stone.

Sitting in the stream of life,

Pools form behind me.