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First, search engines and directories

Google - not just a math term anymore.

TOTSE - Would have been useful in highschool.

Yahooka - Good directory of drug related stuff.

The Procrastination Station - Karen Moony's list of timekillers.

Now that those are out of the way here are some nifty sites.

Elfwood fantasy art - Most of it is average, but there are some nice pictures in here too.

The coin flipping page - For those of you who don't want to get up and get a damn coin.

The psudo-dictionary - Part of the whole slanguage movement.

Surf Side Cottages - Book early and often

Webtender - Don't know what the hell you drank lastnight? Its on here.

Winamp - A nifty music player for windows. Check out all the skins and visulizations.

Free Nintendo games - Download an emulator and all your old favorites to play on your computer.

Babe of the day - I'm just a guy after all.

Not to mention all the fun stuff at Maxim.

Also, if you are looking to waste some time laffin' it up then check out these online comics: