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Mind's Eye with Thomas Dolby

Nutty, nutty stuff.

Gate to the Mind's Eye is a "computer animation odyssey" by the producers of Mind's Eye (which I haven't seen yet). It's conceptual music video, much like Fantasia, in which music is melded with animation. In this case, the animation is absolutely odd, random cgi wackiness, and the music is new wave-esque pop by Thomas Dolby, who I'm pretty sure wrote that "blinded me with science" song.

This stuff is really weird, and wholly unbelievable. Everything seems otherworldly and crazy. It's incredibly good, but so random that it really screwed with my head. In the end I was left knowing I enjoyed it, but not remembering any parts of it. That's why this review is so sketchy. I wish I had segments to bring up, things to compliment... but all I can remember is loving it.

I've only seen it once. I can't wait to go back.


Watch it and blink in amazement.

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