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Owl's Head Mountain is my childhood dream come (almost) true:

Since I can remember I have wanted to live inside a mountain, I used to sit around drawing pictures of huge underground houses. Not long ago a friend of mine who lives in Vermont told me about a mountain he knew of that was for sale. 80 acres for only $60,000. I couldn't sleep that night, all I could think about was how I was going to buy the mountain, carve out the inside and build a house inside. Over the past few months my common sense has kicked in, and now I realize that I'm only going to be able to make one or two rooms in my lifetime. So now I think I may just build something respectable, like a viking long house and just connect it to the rooms inside the mountian.

The only problem is that I don't have $60,000. I have spent the past several months trying to figure out a way to get the money. I considered everything from getting lots of credit cards and then changing my name, to bank robbery. But those things just aren't nice. The most recent thought was to write a grant.

Then I remembered something I read about this guy who put an ad in the back of rolling stone magazine asking for small donations so he could build a house(or something like that). He made a million dollars.

That got me thinking:

If rolling stone is seen by thousands of people and this guy made a million, then certainly if I create a webpage and ask for small donations then I should be able to make at least enough to buy Owl's Head Mountain.

That rolling stone ad was back in the '70s and the people who sent money were hippies. But I haven't lost all hope, there could still be some nice people out there.

So here goes:

If you want to help please send a donation. Any amount is welcome, even a check for one dollar would be fine.

Owl's Head Mountain Fund

71 Gulf Rd.

Belchertown, Ma


I plan on keeping this site updated to let everyone know how close I am to my dream. I'll even put up a list of people who donated and how much they did. If you don't want to be named because of crimes against humanity or something just let me know.

How fast can this little guy go from zero to sixty?

I have T-shirts for sale now to help fund my dream. All proceeds go to me, so it is kind of a charity. I have all kinds of ideas and will be making them soon. Check here for new designs.

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