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Pool: the game of gods

I first played pool in August of 1999 and immediately fell in love with the game. Even though I'm not very good I always have fun. It seems to me that a little bit of alcohol helps play better, but I could be wrong. When I try the really tricky shots I do well, but on the long straight shots I miss. If a shot looks like it would be tough with my right hand I just use my left.

Action: Any type of pool gambling Butt:The thick end of the cue stick Cinching:A shot so tough you are forced to pocket it
Crutch:The bridge used to prop your cue over the ball behind the cue ball Drawing:Striking the cue ball low so it pulls back after hitting another ball Following:Cueing the upper half of the ball so it follows the object ball
Houseman:Usually named Rocky or Joe, that's the guy behind the counter In Prison:Putting your opponent behind an obstructing ball- the hardest shot is "Alcatraz" Jawing:When the ball rattles the sides of a pocket but doesn't fall in(I hate that so much)
Juice:Cueing the ball to the left or right- also "Jizz" or "Mojo" Lemoning:Appearing weaker than your opponent, but playing just well enough to win(I do this without trying) Out Ball:The ball that wins the game
Slopped In:An unintended pocketed ball- also "shitted in" Sneaky Pete:A hustler-planted cue stick Whitey:The cue ball- also "snow" or "the rock"

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