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Ray Dennis Steckler (sorry, the picture below was the biggest one i could find)

"Singing idol Lonnie Lord and Titus Twimbly become mighty, costumed superheroes when trouble comes around. Champions of women and children, you can bet they prove that Crime Does Not Pay!"

Rat Pfink and Boo-boo has got to be the most bizarre film experience I've ever had. Even without smoking, this would've still had me scratching my head and saying "why? what... why?" aloud over a dozen times, as I did.

This 1966 cult-ish film features a rock and roll hero and his gardner sidekick facing off against thugs who really do nothing more than harass people. At any given moment, Rat Pfink might just burst into a song, with his girlfriend dancing to it as they stand on a hill, or Boo-Boo looks on with big wet eyes. All the dialogue seemed to be spoken with intentional slowness. Everyone spoke slowly... "quiiick, boooo booooo... leeet'sssss gooooo." etc. I couldn't help but always ask the movie people what the hell they were trying to do when they were making this film. Whatever they were trying to do, they wound up with a wholly original and crazy film.

I still can't believe what I saw. I was transfixed and bewildered. You will be too.


The most unbelievable movie experience of my life. Whoof.

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