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Walt Disney's The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

1948 Walt Disney, Bing Crosby

We all remember this.

The legend of Sleepy Hollow, in my estimation, is the finest piece of Halloween-themed viewing you can watch. It's also one of my favorite Disney pieces of all time (followed by fantasia's TOCCATA AND FUGUE chapter). After smoking, if you should happen to put this in, you are in for a real treat.

Everything about this piece is an absolute delight. In the beginning, you have a very pleasurable sensation as you watch Ichabod walk through a beautifully painted backdrop of olde New England scenery. The trees are like big scoops of ice cream. In the middle, there's the schoolhouse, Ichabod's scheming, and the courtship of Katrina van Tassel. the end, of COURSE, is the best, as we sit though the halloween party and wait for Ichabod's ride home. We've all seen the ride home many times before, haven't we? It's fantastic.

The Sleepy Hollow end scene is one of the creepiest sequences ever made- and it's done in splendid animation and paintings. The animals' callings are eerie, the suspense is harrowing. When the horseman appears, you can't help but think "yeah." To yourself.

The only complaint is that it's far too short.


No finer halloween viewing on this earth.


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