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The Quara:(+1Con -1Dex)

Mainly Rangers

This tribe was the first to find the oasis, and is comprised mainly of desert riders. Many of these people are very devoted to protecting the ecosystem of the Great Desert.

The Quara began a program of irrigation to grow enough food for everyone.

The Rashid:(+1Dex -1Str)

Mainly Rogues

This tribe consists mainly of traders and artisans. As most of the members of this tribe are wealthy, they have some of the greatest political influence in the city.

The Rashid set up a market place in the center of the city and set the value of the coin, which is based on water from the oasis.

The Dawasir:(+1Str -1Chr)

Mainly Warriors

The Dawasir are not the brightest of people, some say that they spend too much time staring at the sun.

The Dawasir built a large wall around Hadryah to defend the oasis from raiders and desert creatures. Some of the finest weapons in the Great Desert are made by this tribe.

The Anaza:(+1Wis -1Str)

Mainly Priests of Ramman

The Anaza people wandered the Great Desert for generations, living on what little water they could find and faith in Ramman.

The Anaza Built a large temple to Ramman and spread the word of the Desert God.

The Humum:(+1Int -1Str)

Mainly Wizards

These guys are just spooky.

They kept to themselves about what they did.

In all the tribes men and women are almost equal; men generally have more power, but women may do anything a man can. Marriage to more than one woman is not unusual, but for a woman to have two or more husbands is not very common. Divorce is not frowned upon in the least, the participant who suggested it simply leaves with what ever they had before marriage and a quarter of any property earned during the union.