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This is the Dungeon Masters area: if you are one of my players, go away.

For a short description of the tribes of Hadryah click here.

House rules in my games:

All hit dice are maximum. this cuts down on deaths at low levels, and at high levels I just modify monsters if I have to.

Stats are rolled using the 4d6 drop the lowest method and the results may be placed where desired.

2 stat points may be subtracted from any one stat in exchange for one point in any other stat. Stat stat stat.

Priest characters do not memorize spells. Every morning preists pray to their diety asking for access to spells that day. The length of time spent in prayer is 10 minuets per level of highest spell. At the end of the day a priest must thank their diety for spells that were granted.

Spells may be traided down. One second level spell may be traided for two first level spells. Spells may not be traided up. This may be done by priests and wizards. When a wizard trades down spells they must be memorized that way.

Sylvan elves may adjust themselves to an aquatic lifestyle. Sylvan elves being so closely in tune with nature can breathe under water after spending one week living on the bank of a large lake, river or other body of water. After two weeks webs begin to grow between their toes and fingers. If the watery life is left behind for more than three days all of these bonuses are lost.

I had the hardest time drawing my own world, so I figured I would just change the one I live on to suit my needs.

The Eurth has a total of three moons, one large red one, one small brownish one and one that is essentially a small sun. Directly "below" the planet's south pole is a gigantic sun which never seems to move. This sun is the cause of Eurth's unusual climates, the southern hemisphere is never completely dark and the northern is never completely light. The south pole is too hot for any human or demihuman race to live, and even if anyone could last there for any significant time the entire place consists of only wind and sun blasted stone. The north pole is equaly inhospitable; it is constantly exposed to the emptiness of space, making it almost completely frozen.