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Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Sylvester Stallone, others

"Entertaining computer-animated feature about an ant named Z (with the voice and personality of Woody Allen) who doesn't respond well to regimentation --especially after he's smitten with the queen ant's daughter, Princess Bala. Meanwhile, the colony is threatened, not only by termites but by a megalomaniacal general with his own agenda. Clever and enjoyable (all the more so for Woodyphiles), but too sophisticated and violent for young kids." -Leonard Maltin's Video Guide

I've always had this preconceived idea that Antz wasn't really any good. Set up against A Bug's Life, a wonderfully done Disney/Pixar film, I didn't think Antz could stand up at all. Recently we got all shmoked and I watched it for the first time.

I was blown away. Just about everything in this film screamed at me. The scope of many of the shots shocked me and caused me to actually lose muscle control in my jaw. There's a part where the ants group together to form a giant ant wrecking ball, and there's a later part where they form a vertical bridge, and there's the last pull-away shot, where we slowly pull back from the ant hill to see new york city in the background. Fantastic.

Aside from of course how stunning the film was to the stoned mind, it's incredibly clever. You can watch this movie and be impressed under any state of mind. The next rung in animated films.


Watch it stoned, watch it straight. enjoy it immensely either way.

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