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THE Stoned Video Review section
Best when used in conjunction with HUGE BRICKS OF HASH

It's no secret that America is home to some of the world's greatest stoners. What do you do after smoking up? Almost anything is now wondrous, but certain activities can be dangerous, such as driving or being in public. What's fun to do, yet safe enough to keep the paranoia down? A fine choice, always, is the wonderful magic box. Movies, videos, TV are enhanced wonderfully. Infomercials are now oracles of spiritual wisdom, and the most banal cop drama becomes the best action movie ever. Mad About You with Paul Riser and Helen Hunt is perhaps the best show to watch stoned, I don't really know why. If you can get your hands on some choice major motion pictures, however, you're in for quite a time.

Here is a small section featuring recommendations for movies to watch if you're stoning with a buddy. Click on the links to read my reviews and see what the video box looks like, so you can find it at your video store(without having to think too much). Thanks to the authors of BAKED POTATOES: A POT SMOKER'S GUIDE TO FILM AND VIDEO for the inspiration. I think their reviews are a little off sometimes... the authors have a thing for gore and disturbance films, and don't even review Fantasia- or any Disney movie (except Bambi). In the reviews they DO give, often, they don't even bring up what made the film good to watch while stoned... they just review it. I have some issues with their reviews, but the idea was a good one.

The differences in watching a movie straight and watching a movie stoned are many and wondrous. To illustrate, I recently made a parallel to an old Jerry Seinfeld joke: "if you smoke, you instantly double your video collection."

If I've learned anything, I've learned this: ANIMATION IS ALWAYS YOUR BEST BET.




Comedy/Family Movies


The Dark Crystal


Got any suggestions? Drop me a line and let me know what movies you would like to see up here.

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