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Will Eisner, Charles Burns, Frank Miller, Harvey Kurtzman, many others

"Good introduction to the genuine art to be found in comic books, featuring interviews with many of the top talents of yesterday and today. Marred by too much effort to be ``cinematic''; also demonstrates a bias against standard commercial comics. "

This movie's something Tom'd been putting off for some time. Being a comic artist, he went into this film knowing just about everyone they'd interviewed, and having read the works they discussed, was really involved in everything. I really don't know much about any of this. He rented it... to pass the boredom, I sucked on the pipe. The results were interesting.

I watched them try to cinematically tell the stories of the comics, with the panel of a comic being displayed while its artist read the dialogue. It really worked very well for me.

The drawback here is that not everyone knows or is interested in these artists and stories. If you like comics, you may well have a great experience, but if not, you should look for another video.


not bad at all, but unless you know comics, you may well be bored out of your skull.

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