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This is it... the absolute best stoner movie I've seen yet. Tom first recommended this movie to me, saying "dude man, if you must stone to films, try this." I did, and wow.

Walt Disney's Fantasia was a dreamer's dream. A conceptual experiment in which animation was matched to classical musical composition. Disney animated scenes and feelings that he believed went along with classical music. Whole scenes were animated around compositions, and Disney made it look like the composers had intended them to go along with the action.

This is incomparable. If you've smoked, you can't help but fall right into these gossamer worlds. It all begins with live action colored screens of the musicians playing, while odd animated interpretations slowly build to a head.

You feel everything.

Throughout "the Nutcracker Suite" and "the Scorcerer's Apprentice", you're glued to the screen, marvelling at everything, trapped in the happenings. The colors and ideas will blow you away. My absolute favorite part is "Rite of Spring"... in which Disney illustrates billions of years of evolution in twenty-two minutes. as I said once..."I'm an ethereal traveller through the evolution of the earth...".

I can't possibly recommend this movie any higher.


Watch it baked with a buddy today. It cannot be missed.

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