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From the people at Odyssey who brought you the Mind's Eye series

Imaginaria is a film featuring segments of animation set to music. The intent is to provide a "mind's eye" type film for children... to provoke imagination and thinking through animation and song.

This was a very good movie to watch. Everything was intended for children, and the music kinda grates on you, but the odd patterns and winding, warping landscapes can work wonderfully. My favorite segment was "shapes and sizes", in which shapes and colors dance across the screen. Very odd, very nice.

Overall, you'd be better off with a "Mind's Eye" film, but this is better than any run-of-the mill video you may come across in the drama section, I'll bet, plus the 40-minute run time makes things nice and neat.


Watch if you can't find Mind's Eye films, or you don't want to spend your whole stone watching something.

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