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Jackie Chan

In no particular order

Drunken Master

In this movie Jackie plays Wong Fei Hung the mythical champion of China as a young trouble maker. He offends his father and is sent to learn drunken style from his uncle.

After learning the eight drunken gengi Fei Hung saves his father's life and everyone is happy.

Drunken Master II


Who am I?

In this movie Chan plays an amnesiac who just wants to find out who he is and get on with his life.

The last fight scene on top of the building is the best in the movie.

The Big Brawl (also called Battle Creek Brawl)

A bad movie with terrible acting and fight scenes, but I enjoy it anyway.

My favorite thing about this movie is that Chan's character's father keeps telling him to "bring a clean handkerchief".

City Hunter

This movie is based on a Japanese animated series, Chan plays a womanizing detective hired to find a rich mans daughter.

Watch for the Street Fighter scene.

Dragons Forever*

Jackie as a lawyer, Sammo as a detective, Yuen as 'Spiderman'.

Sammo and Jackie get the girls, Yuen gets beat up.

Wheels on Meals*

Watch for the fight between Jackie and Benny "the Jet" and Yuen's chair acrobatics.

They all get the girl. They all get beat up.

Project A*

Jackie in the Navy, Yuen in the Police, Sammo the crook.

Watch for Sammo and Jackie's fight after the chase scene, thy work very well together.

Rush Hour

That was fun, do it again.

Shanghai Noon


*These movies have the three Kung-Fu-teers in them

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