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The whole of my martial arts training consists of watching Kung Fu movies, reading a couple of Bruce Lee's books and knowing a few people who took classes for a little while.

Occasionally I consider training as a Sumo, but just look at 'em.---->

Who wants to wear a diaper in public? Especially with some big dude trying to grab it and knock you down.

Not long ago I decided to spar with this guy I just met at a party, he said: "no contact to the face, lightest touch to the body only, control is key." I thought this seemed to make sense.

His first punch hit me squarely in the nose.

After collecting myself, we started again; he kicked me in the mouth. At this point I was bleeding from several cuts inside my mouth and decided that I would go inside and go to sleep. That and my friend Luke came and broke us up because I had wrestled him to the ground and was reaching for his neck.

But generally I only try to have fun doing what Jackie, Sammo, Yuen, and Jet do in their movies.

Some good Kung Fu movies I can recommend are:

Yuen Biao

Jet Li

Jackie Chan

Sammo Hung


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