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Planetary Traveler

thirdplanet studios

Planetary Traveler is a concept video by the people who brought you the MIND'S EYE series (genius). The concept is that you're an alien, traveling from alien world to alien world, exploring CGI alien environments, all set to ethereal music.

The concept's great. In watching, though, it doesn't quite come through. I have two problems: one, most of the landscapes we travel to aren't really that alien. most can be found here on earth- mountains, rivers, volcanoes, etc.. I was hoping for more of the odd alien sculpture and worlds. There ARE alien oddities- one great one is the stormy sky that looks like tie-dyed clouds ("it's a wizard war!"), but on a whole, the landscapes are terran.

My other problem is that the camera positions change. When I rented the video, I was hoping for a one-camera angle that would pretty much be what it would be like to view the worlds from the craft's cockpit. The camera angles change, though- at some points you watch the ship. Not a big thing to complain about, but I'd much rather have one view of the whole thing.


It's pretty good.

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