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The Princess Bride

Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Andre' the Giant, Rob Reiner

The Princess Bride has to be one of the most satisfactory, if not best, stoned movies I've viewed. There's a very pleasant good feeling of seeing the adventure unfold and not really feeling any peril in it (because of course this movie was weak on action). Tom agrees- the fun was just sitting back and quietly enjoying the movie, without any outrageous revelations or outbursts.

Two things that DID come up, however- I saw a swastika materialize on fred savage's shirt sleeve when he moved his arm (shirt stripes folded to create an illusion), and two better ways to beat the Sicillian in the game of wits.

What actually happened: Wesley approached the Sicillian, who was holding buttercup at knifepoint. They agreed to a game of wits. Wesley held out an iocaine tube and said "smell this but do not inhale". It was poison. He then took two cups of wine and claimed to poison one, and challenged the Sicillian to guess which one contained the poison, then they would drink. After much posturing, the Sicillian switched cups and they drank. He died, and it was revealed that both cups were poisoned and that Wesley had built up an immunity to the poison.

My solution to the game of wits: hold out the iocaine tube and say "inhale this but do not taste.". Bam, dead Sicillian.

Tom's solution to the game of wits: approach the Sicillian and challenge him to a game of wits. He agrees, then sets out the cups of wine while I pull out my sword and hold it to his throat. He looks up, confused, and says "b...but I thought we were going to have a battle of wits!?". Then I say "we just did, you lost."... *splutch*!


Not necessarily a great stoner movie, but very, very pleasant to mellow out with after some turtle lovin'.

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