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Toshiro Mifune, Directed by Akira Kurosawa

Seven Samurai is a classic Japanese drama from filmmaker Akira Kurasawa (he's the one referred to in that Barenaked Ladies song). It's about a small village being terrorized by brigands, and the Samurai they hire to defend them. It was later remade in a western format as "the Magnificent Seven". The basic format to this film can also be seen in A Bug's Life and Three Amigos. Kurasawa's film Yojimbo was also remade in a western style as Fist Full of Dollars(which was in turn remade as Fist Full of Yen).

This movie, stoned, can be a little confusing yet extremely deep. I watched all the subtle interplay between characters and was transfixed. The drums during the beginning credits really get you looking forward to the rest of the movie.

The drama was potent and by the end, all samurai save three are dead. It was very effecting, but after three hours, there's very little stone left to groove to. It is very good.


Watch for the dialogue, Black/white and drama.

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