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Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, directed by that wiener James Cameron

I know you're tired of hearing about Titanic. I know I am. however, I decided to smoke up when Tom brought it over recently.

The first time I saw this in the theater I almost cried, the second time I was no where near, but watching it under the influence brought me back to the brink.

Let me tell you, I was completely struck. Everything was in the grandest possible scope. The lighting, the sets, the costumes... everything added to a magnificent whole. It was one of those "I felt like I was there" movies. I watched Jack Dawson shouting about how he was king of the world in that lucent peach-colored twilight, and I almost cheered for him. I'm a schlub, I know.

I thought maybe the last half of the movie would be bad to watch while stoned... too much stress, too much panicking. The end was kinda stressful, but no less emotional. It was all fantastic. The first two hours are the stuff to watch, though. Watch for the first two hours and feel like you're there.

Grade: A

Watch for the costumes, sets, emotions. First two hours are best.

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