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Kevin Costner, Tina Majorino, Dennis Hopper, Jeanne Triplehorne

We all were made aware of waterworld in its production time when everything we heard of the movie was that it was far over budget. Critics panned it, Universal Studios had lost millions. What you had to see the movie to know, though, was that it really was a very enjoyable film.

We popped this one in recently because it really did seem like a good idea. We like waterworld; it's a fine example of an adventure movie. The opening sequence when the Universal logo floods always sends shivers down my spine.

I noticed that as the camera passes through the clouds in the beginning a beach can be seen in one of the upper corners of the screen. The first thought that occurred to me was that the mariner should have peed directly into the cup instead of standing above it. I also noticed that the mariner's boat is an America's Cup racing boat.

My stonin' buddy disagreed, however- he thought it was like just another movie.


An excellent adventure film.

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