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Yoma: Curse of the Undead

Everyone can jump 50 feet in the air... everyone possesses great fighting prowess... everyone can seemingly conjure glowing energy at a moment's notice.

First off, what struck me was the horror. It occurred to me that what these Japanese guys were trying to do was create a horror film. I saw so many parallels to American horror cinema. The second thing that struck me was that I should NOT SMOKE AND WATCH HORROR. everything appalled me. At some moments of extreme gore, I was terrified. They had some pretty graphic imagery here... very creative and nasty ways to kill someone. One such way was how one character wrapped an enemy in thin wire, then pulled the wire. The main character Takahashi has an interesting tendency to stab monsters through the mouth. If you liked Vampire Hunter D you will love this.

Animation's always been a good smoke friend of mine, and this different genre of animation made me want to watch MORE. Now I'm curious to see some other Anime' (that's not so gory), and take a look. The stories were pretty much the equivalent of American action movies... modern day folk heroes. I may have to rent some happy flashy movies sometime soon.

You'll see it here after I do.

Grade: B

A good movie- watch it for the fantasy aspects.

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