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Abdul abah (Seamus McNiel): 3rd. level priest of Ramman

STR: 19



INT: 3

WIS: 16

CHR: 16

Race: human(?) Alignment: lawful good

Sex: male Height: 9' Weight: 300lbs.

Weapon of choice: flanged battle mace 1d10+7/3d6+7

Armor: chain mail and large shield (AC 3)

HP: 30 THAc0: 17

Abdul was born a little larger than most. This was taken by the heads of the five tribes as an omen, and when he was old enough, Abdul joined the priesthood. As a priest of Ramman his duties were mostly to keep the peace in Hadryah, which he could do very well.

Q'elhash Q'adar (Tom Martin): 3rd. level desert ranger

STR: 13

DEX: 15

CON: 15

INT: 18

WIS: 16

CHR: 3

Race: human Alignment: neutral good

Sex: male Height: 5'6" Weight:120lbs.

Weapon of choice: two scimitars 1d8/1d8

Armor: studded leather (AC 6)

HP: 33 THAc0: 16

Hide in shadows: 20% Move silently: 27%

Q'elhash spent most of his childhood riding the dunes, and never quite got the concept of bathing. Not a very charming person, though friendly, he makes up for it in pure reasoning skill. Q'elhash's ideas have helped the people of Hadryah with their irrigation and farming techniques, and in celebration the farmers usually dump water over him. They do this to wash him, but he thinks it is a sign of affection.

Hosni (Chris McCurdy): 4th. level thi...uh...trader

STR: 7

DEX: 17

CON: 8

INT: 11

WIS: 15

CHR: 18

Race: human Alignment: lawful evil

Sex: male Height: 5'4" Weight: 140lbs.

Weapon of choice: hand crossbow with poison bolts 1d3/1d2 (poison: immediate 10 pts. save for 1/2)

Armor: leather (AC 5)

HP: 24 THAc0: 17

While never proven guilty of any actual crimes, Hosni is a notorious cheat and double dealer. People in Hadryah try to avoid him when ever possible, but he seems to appear when least expected.

Azim (Tom Lawrence): 3rd. level fire elementalist

STR: 4

DEX: 10

CON: 7

INT: 19

WIS: 18

CHR: 18

Race: human Alignment: lawful evil

Sex: male Height: 5'9" Weight: 140lbs.

Weapon of choice: burning hands 1d3+6

Armor: red wizard robes (AC 9)

HP: 12 THAc0: 20

Familiar: fire gen

Azim is well known in Hadryah as both a flirt and a dangerous man. Not many know who the real Azim is, but many know of him. Rumors abound that he is part of an evil cult of fire mages. But how could such a nice guy be evil?

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