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My other life

My role-playing career began at the age of 11, when a friend of mine introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons. It was that old red boxed set that had a players guide and a dungeon masters guide. I still have them. Since then (1988) I have played G.U.R.P.S., Car Wars, Marvel (and DC)Superheroes, a bunch of White Wolf games, and a whole lot of Palladium games, but Dungeons and Dragons remains my favorite. I have played too many characters to count, and I still have my first - an elven cleric named Rex.

I wear a kilt, have a morningstar, chain mail shirt, a couple of swords, and several other medieval weapons on display in my room.

The Reclaiming of Anriat Mountain is over. I now playing a lizard man priest who worships a dragon. The other characters are a thief, an elven druid, monk, ranger, fighter, and a sorceror.My friend Chris is the DM and its his first time running a third edition campaign.

The story of my last campain Caverns Beyond Hadryah is here

A picture of my campaign world can be seen here

The Dungeon Masters section is here


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