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Sammo Hung

Magnificent Butcher

This movie is somewhat difficult to understand but has some of the best fights ever.

Millionaires Express

Sammo plays a crook who is just raising money to bring back to his home town and make it a thriving city.

Yuen Biao is also in this movie.

Encounter of the Spooky Kind

In this movie Sammo's wife cheats on him with his bos, and he is blamed for her murder.

In the process of proving himself innocent, Sammo is chased by hopping vampires and is posessed by the Monkey King and The God of War.

Phat Dragon (also called Fatty Dragon)

Dong Wei is actually the main character, Kung Fu Ching. Sammo is the guy who trains him with metaphors about food.

Project A*

Dragons Forever*

Wheels on Meals*

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